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SEF Writing

Do you struggle to create a detailed yet short succinct SEF that evaluates the school that you are running? I can support you with this. I can proof read your SEF, offer template ideas to support you in creating your SEF, ensure your SEF drives your development plan.

School Improvement Planning

What are your priorities to drive your school forwards? What are you going to do and how are you going to do this? Who will support you with this and how will they do it? How do you make this improvement plan effective and succinct?

Writing a Whole School Improvement plan can be a real challenge. It can become cumbersome and something that once written is never then looked at. Presenting this to your governors can be a challenge. Getting lead members of staff to take responsibility for it can be tricky. I can support you with this and help you create a document that is clear, succinct, and simple to follow.


New to Headship

Are you in your first 2 years of being a Headteacher? Do you feel like you need support? I have a programme especially designed for you. Some of the areas that we can work through together could be: Staffing, Payroll, HR issues, Working with Governors, Preparing for Ofsted, School Improvement planning, SEF writing, Finances and Performance Management. It could be that you just need a mentor / coach to discuss the trials and tribulations of running a school. All training offered will be bespoke according to your individual needs.

Head Teachers Performance Management

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting Headteachers with their appraisal process. I can work with your governors in supporting the setting of targets to ensure that they are achievable, manageable and appropriate. I can also support you as a head teacher in the appraisal process for your staff if you are finding this a challenge. Contact me for more information.


School reviews / Peer reviews

Do you need an external eye looking over your school? Would you prefer an open and honest reflection on where your school is and how you can drive it forwards? Are you getting ready for an upcoming Ofsted Inspection and would like a practice run? Do you have a group of heads who would like to work together to embark on Peer reviews? If so I can support you with this. Contact me for more information.

Subject Leader Development

I have a wealth of experience in developing subject leaders to fulfil their potential. I can support them in the process of preparing for an Ofsted Deep Dive, conducting learning walks or lesson observations and then feeding back to the teacher in a kind yet constructive way. I can support them with data analysis and writing their own subject development plans. Contact me for more information.


Safeguarding reviews

I have conducted numerous safeguarding reviews of schools across the country and can offer advice and support in ensuring that your school is as good as it possibly can be to keep everyone safe within the grounds of your school. As part of this review I will look through your website, check your SCR, talk to staff and pupils, check your policies and pupil records and ensure that your school site is safe. Contact me for more information.


Do your governors need training to get them working as a supportive team who understand the need for challenge but not brutality? Are you getting ready for an Ofsted inspection and need to get your governors up to speed to sail through a successful inspection?

Do you have new governors who need training and development? If so then give me a call and see what I can offer you.


One to One support

Do you need some support? Are you drowning under everything? Do you need someone to help you, show you the way, talk you through processes? Have you got HR nightmares and needs support in handling this? Do you have a challenging member of staff and are not sure how to handle it? Are you trying to improve the quality of teaching and learning but need guidance in this? If so give me a call and see if I can help you.